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Anti Vibration Pad. JMCO Rubber Industries offers Anti Vibration Pad for reduce the vibration and sound in such a application area.

We are specialising in the area of anti vibration pad . JMCO Rubber is your best source for finding anti vibration pads. We proivde the one stop solution for all your vibration control needs.

JMCO Rubber Industries has designed, engineered and developed the most extensive line of anti vibration Pad, shock and noise control products. We specialize in manufacturing of: anti vibration contorlling pad: machinery mounts, bobbins, spring hangers, spring mounts, pipe supports, acoustical products, seismic mounts and a variety of neoprene pad.

JMCO Rubber Industries have added the world-renowned anti vibration pads to their range of products

JMCO Rubber Industries offers an ideal solution in Anti Vibration Pad. .Made from a combination of high quality rubber polymers and cork, this ideal combination ends up to make up a product that has excellent resistance to ageing, compression set, water & oil. The unique cellular structure of cork ( a cu. cm. of cork is said to contain nearly 45 mn cells) filled up with tiny air pockets absorbs the vibration caused by the equipment.

Anti Vibration Pads are widely used in: Refrigeration Plants,Compressors, Conveyors , Air Conditioning Plants, Diesel Generators, Business Machines, Fans, Motors, Power / Impact Presses , Pumps


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